NZ Gifts of Love and Strength

We are a registered charity based in Christchurch.

We supply care packages of food, toiletries, toys, books to victims of a new severe traumatic event and any new Red Cross Refugee family on arrival into Christchurch.

Lynette is a parent/grandparent and is amazing at making craft items which we sell at various markets, Vicki has a wee bichon poodle Chloe who is an accredited St John's Therapy dog who also works in our charity creating smiles from tears.

We have excess clothing so in order to be able to pay our lease and small operating costs we are fundraising by selling the good clothes so they dont go to waste.

Not one of our team receives any form of income so we do it purely on love not a pay packet.

Thank you for supporting us and look out for us on Facebook : NZ Gifts of Love and Strength. ❣

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